Neeha Dev Arun

Neeha’s LinkedIn


Neeha earned her Bachelors in Technology in Chemical Engineering (2016) from Anna University in India and went on to receive her M.S in Materials Science at Carnegie Mellon University (2018). During her master’s research under the guidance of Dr. Adam Feinberg, she focused on implementing the Freeform Reversible Embedding (FRE) 3D printing technique developed in the Feinberg lab, to 3D print off the shelf epoxies into functional components. To pursue her research further, she stayed on for her Ph.D. in the Regenerative Biomaterials and Therapeutics Group. Neeha’s current work primarily focuses on optimizing the FRE technique to fabricate carbon-based composite materials for lightweight, high strength applications. She has also begun research on the fabrication of functional scaffolds using mineralized collagen composite ink for bone regeneration. Neeha brings skills in polymer science and composite engineering to the group.