Joshua Tashman

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Joshua Tashman received his B. S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 2013. From 2013 to 2015 he completed research in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University under the then Director Dr. Darrel Schlom. In 2015 he matriculated into the Medical Scientist Training Program jointly run by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University. From 2015 to 2017 he completed the first two years of medical school and one clinical rotation. In 2017 he began work in the lab of Dr. Adam Feinberg’s Regenerative Biomaterials and Therapeutics Group. Currently he is working on the development of 3D bioprinted decellularized ECM tracheal grafts, a bioprinted in vitro model of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, and in-process characterization and optimization of 3D bioprinting using novel applications of optical techniques for print validation and quality control. Josh brings expertise in mechanical design, computer modelling, programming, advanced microscopy, material and device characterization, and 3D bioprinting.