Syed Faaz Ashraf, MBBS


Dr. Syed Faaz Ashraf graduated from medical school at the University of London (2016). During medical school he took a year out to intercalate with a BSc in Surgery and Anesthesia from Imperial College London (2014). From 2015-2018 he also worked as a research student at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the T-Y Hsia lab studying the Fontan circulation using computational modelling and created a virtual reality platform to inspect preoperative congenital heart defects. After graduating medical school, he worked as a house officer in London, UK for two years before relocating to Pittsburgh, USA. He is now an integrated Cardiothoracic surgery resident at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he recently completed his first three clinical years of residency. Faaz joined the lab of Dr. Adam Feinberg’s Regenerative Biomaterials and Therapeutics Group in 2021. Currently he is working on the development of 3D bioprinted cardiac conduits along with their in vivo assessment in an animal model.