Engineering Aligned Human Cardiac Muscle Using Developmentally Inspired Fibronectin Micropatterns

Ivan Batalov, Quentin Jallerat, Sean Kim, Jacqueline Bliley and Adam W. Feinberg are co-authors on our recent paper published in Nature Scientific Reports titled “Engineering aligned human cardiac muscle using developmentally inspired fibronectin micropatterns.” Here, we sought to use developmentally inspired cardiac micropatterns to better understand cardiomyocyte alignment.

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3D bioprinting of collagen to rebuild components of the human heart

Andrew Lee, Andrew Hudson, Dan Shiwarski, Josh Tashman, TJ Hinton, Sai Yerneni, Jaci Bliley, Phil Campbell, and Adam Feinberg are co-authors on our recent article in Science entitled “3D bioprinting of collagen to rebuild components of the human heart.” In the article we report our second-generation of FRESH 3D bioprinting, using it to print collagen and cells in to functional tissues and components of the human heart, from vascular-like networks to small beating ventricles.

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