Drs. Palchesko and Feinberg Discuss Bioengineering the Corneal Endothelium

Under the Fox Center OTERO program, Rachelle Palchesko, PhD and her scientific mentors (Adam W. Feinberg, PhD-Carnegie Mellon University, and James L. Funderburgh, PhD-University of Pittsburgh ) are researching the regeneration of the corneal endothelium, the posterior layer of the cornea.  When this essential tissue is affected by disease or trauma, the corneal transparency is reduced and vision decreases.

To learn more about Dr. Palchesko’s research project, please view the following videos:

OTERO Project part A: Rachelle and Adam talk about the Fox Center Otero project on regenerating the corneal endothelium. Find out about the risks and rewards, the strategic view and the objectives associated with seed funding a multidisciplinary approach in eye regeneration.

OTERO Project part B: Rachelle and Adam talk about regenerating the corneal endothelium and how is this project different from traditional approaches. Learn about their research, the areas they try to understand and the instruments they use in their Lab.