Adam Feinberg receives the George Tallmann Ladd Research Award from the Carnegie Institute of Technology

Prof. Adam Feinberg has been selected to receive the 2012 George Tallmann Ladd Research Award from the Carnegie Institute of Technology (College of Engineering) at Carnegie Mellon University. For 2012... "The George Tallmann Ladd Research Award was given to David Brumley, Assistant Professor of Electrical and ...

Adam Feinberg recognized by a Rising Star Award from BMES and CMBE

Prof. Adam Feinberg was recognized by a Rising Star Award from the Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering special interest group of the Biomedical Engineering Society.  Prof. Feinberg received the award and presented a talk on "Bottom-Up Engineering of the Extracellular Matrix" ...

Publication: Development of Polydimethylsiloxane Substrates with Tunable Elastic Modulus to Study Cell Mechanobiology in Muscle and Nerve

We have published a new article in the journal PLoS ONE on substrates with tunable elastic modulus entitled "Development of Polydimethylsiloxane Substrates with Tunable Elastic Modulus to Study Cell Mechanobiology in Muscle and Nerve."

Research Presented at Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting in Atlanta

Great job to everyone that participated in and presented research at the 2012 Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Prof. Feinberg presented, "Engineered Skeletal Muscle Sheets: Optimizing Structure and Contractility" Dr. Palchesko presented, "Engineering the Corneal Endothelium Using Biomimetic Substrates" Ms. Rebecca Wells presented, "Investigating ...

Hiring Postdoctoral Fellows in Cardiac Tissue Engineering

We have an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral Fellow in the area of cardiac tissue engineering, see below. Description A postdoctoral fellowship is available in advanced biomaterials development and cardiac tissue engineering within the Regenerative Biomaterials & Therapeutics Group at CMU. The research ...

Adam Feinberg receives the NIH Director’s 2012 New Innovator Award

Prof. Adam Feinberg has received the NIH Director's 2012 New Innovator Award to fund the project "Human Myocardium Engineered Using Developmentally-Inspired Protein Scaffolds." Read more about this award. NIH press release CMU press release  Feature article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Martin Antensteiner wins 1st place in REU poster competition!

Congratulations to Martin Antensteiner, who won 1st place in the REU poster session this summer for his research entitled "Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Fibronectin".  His co-authors were Rebecca Wells and John Szymanski.

Publication: A tissue-engineered jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion

Prof. Feinberg is a coauthor on a new publication in Nature Biotechnology on the tissue engineering of a synthetic organism, an artificial "jellyfish."  This work was led by PhD student Janna Nawroth at Caltech and a collaboration of scientists from Caltech and ...

Major Instrumentation Grant Awarded

The Center for the Mechanics and Engineering of Cellular Systems (CMECS) at CMU has been awarded a CIT infrastructure grant to create a cell phenotyping facility.  As part of this grant, the Regenerative Biomaterials Group will house a new Nikon ...

TJ Wins Summer Research Fellowship

Congratulations to TJ Hinton, who in recognition of his outstanding performance during the past year as an MS student has been awarded a stipend by the BME Department to support his research in Summer 2012.